Tecsun pl-880 firmware versions timeline

tecsun pl-880 firmware versions timeline

tecsun pl-880 firmware versions timeline

29 thoughts on “ Important note about Tecsun PL-880 firmware versions ” Greg October 9, 2017 at 10:27 pm. I just ordered one of these from amazon (through Electronnix) on 10/8/2017. I will be crushed if I have the older firmware. 🙁

 · Tecsun will only release new firmware in response to an operational or performance problem. This could be in response to a component performance variation during production.We always pass on customer suggested improvements for incorporation in future releases. If they can be incorporated into a new release, they will be. Firmware V 8820 has been stable for a long time now …

Earlier we posted that Tecsun PL-880s being sold by Kaito Electronics had an older firmware version (#8819) than those being sold by Anon-Co on eBay (#8820).. Fortunately SWLing Post reader, Tim, has been working directly with Kaito in California. Yesterday, he visited their headquarters where they updated his PL-880 from firmware version 8819 to 8820.

Tecsun PL-880 (N9EWO Photo) N9EWO Review : TECSUN PL-880 Firmware Version Tested: 8820 Country of Manufacture: China Approx. Serial Number of #1 (defective) Test Sample: 426201312004xx (The defective sample was even slightly less sensitive on SW than the replacement below) Approx. Serial Number of #2 Test Sample (manufactured in December 2013) : 426201312005xx GOOD : Dual Up …

 · Thanks so much for the tip, Jaap! I am curious, too, if Tecsun is updating the firmware version with each release/update of the PL-330. With the PL-880, there were a number of iterations all carrying the same version number (8820, if memory serves). It would be great for comparison purposes to check the firmware number. Related. Spread the radio love. This entry was posted in How To, …

Tecsun PL-880 Hidden Features Reference - Firmware 8820 FUNCTION WHAT DOES IT DO? RADIO STATE WHAT KEY? WHAT BANDS? WHAT MODES? WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? Synchronous Detection Enables the Synchronous Detector ON USB/NORM LSB/NORM AM (MW, LW) SW USB,LSB 1. Press and hold the 'USB/NORM' or 'LSB/NORM' key until 'SYNC' appears 2. Press the key again …

Conclusion: Firmware versions aside for now, the PL-880 is overall a worthy performer. While it’s Synchronous Detection performance is disappointing, I think the PL-880 is a great performer on SW and FM. Comparing it overall side-by-side with my PL-660 I find the PL-880 much better sounding, easier to tune on SSB and somewhat improved on FM reception. It’s SW is too close to the PL-660 to ...

Unit size: 192 x 113 x 33 mm The following items are included in the package: PL-880 radio (English version); firmware version 8820 2 x 18650 lithium battery Protective carrying pouch Stereo earphones Tecsun AN-06 FM/SW wire antenna USB wall charger (type-A or type-C plug will be included based on delivery country) Radio Amateur World Map English manual PLEASE NOTE: For AM (LW, MW) and …

PL-880 is the flagship portable World Band radio receiver by Tecsun. This FM, AM, LW, Shortwave and SSB receiver combines good signal reception with a full speaker sound. The PL-880 Special Edition Deluxe set is a great set for the collector. It comes with the Tecsun ICR-100 recorder, which can be connected to the PL-880 to make direct recordings while listening to your favorite radio programs.

Call Tecsun at +1.909.628.6088 . [email protected] Tecsun Radios Store . You have no items in your shopping cart. You have no items to compare. Account; Log In; Menu Search Account Compare. Tecsun Radios Store. Search: Search. Menu. Radios . AM Radio; FM Radio; AM/FM Radio; Air Band Radio; Sca Radio; Single Side Band Radios ; Shortwave Radios . Analog Shortwave Radios; Digital …

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