Ps4 pro uhd blu ray firmware update

ps4 pro uhd blu ray firmware update

ps4 pro uhd blu ray firmware update

The PS4 Pro will only support 4K content via streaming It will not get a firmware update for 4K Blu-ray disc playback Sony claims this is because of the popularity of video streaming

For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "PS4 Pro Neo 4K Pro, 4K UHD Blu-ray update could be added in the future via patch".

PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray update could be added in the future Simon Sayers / September 14, 2016 The question: will PlayStation 4 Pro support 4K Blu-ray was greeted with a resounding ‘no’ from Sony.

 · PS4/Blu-Ray/4K UHD Update: #20 / 2018 (2/2) ... What happens if you put UHD blu-ray disc to PS4 pro? - Duration: 1:27. miikuli 49,508 views. 1:27. FLYING OVER NORWAY (4K UHD) 1HR Ambient Drone ...

Is it possible that a software/firmware update in the future could bring UHD blu ray functionality to the PS4 pro? Or does it lack the hardware? I feel like leaving the UHD blu ray player out of the PS4 was a big miss by Sony. Especially due to the fact that blu ray is their tech and Xbox did it.

Apparently according to someone in this thread (cant remember name of thread im sorry for being vague), but this person claims that a particular firmware update can enable 4k blu ray capability. It has to do with something in the hardware and i wish i could recall off hand but if he is to be believed it is supposedly possible.

Could the PS4 Pro add 4K Blu Ray support through software updates? Obviously it will have the computing power to decode the video, so could they do it? I'm almost positive PCs with Blu Ray drives can play 4K Blu Rays as long as you have the right software and can output 4K, even I the drive itself is old. Edit: You aren't reading what I wrote.

 · The PS4 Pro is capable of decoding and displaying full 4K UHD video streams with HDR, and the console is capable of reading Blu-Ray discs. That is all the hardware capability you need to play 4K UHD discs. Everything else is merely software to facilitate the data transport from the disc to the display logic and to handle things such as disc menus etc, all of which follow established Blu-Ray ...

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 · EDIT (24.08.2019): I have updated the Modified ASUS Flasher which will now allow: The LG BP60NB10 external UHD drive to be flashed with firmware LG_BP60NB10_1.00_MK only. The LG BP50NB40 external Blu-Ray drive to be flashed with firmware LG_BP50NB40-NB50_1.01_MK only. (Not UHD friendly but enables libredrive.) EDIT (03.09.2019):

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